A library for building multi-device applications

Zap (2023)

Zap is an application programming library for building multi-device application that enable communication with other devices. While mobile devices offer a wide range of data sources, such as motion sensors, biometrics devices, microphones, touchscreens and more, traditional PCs like laptops and desktops are typically lack these resources.

The data sources available on mobile devices are valuable, but are often device-dependent, limiting their widespread use. Imagine if PCs could use the series of data from the accelerometer sensor on a mobile device. A simple example is using smartphone as motion controller for PC.

The main goal of Zap is to support mobile-PC communication, but it also extends its capabilities to enable mobile-mobile and PC-PC communication. Furthermore, it’s not limited to PCs; any devices capable of running Zap implementations(e.g., Kiosk device, Smart TV, etc.) can also participate in this communication.